Frank DeLucia & Son Inc. was established in Massachusetts in 1971.  It was founded by a father and son team, and is still family run and operated to this day by the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations. The family has always prided itself on a job well done and done right the first time.  Relationships with clients are always prioritized and have flourished over the years resulting in both repeat business, and cost savings for clients.  With a focus on objectives, time frames, and specific job environments, we work closely with our clients, to complete projects on time and on budget. We apply our efforts utilizing a team approach to arrive at solutions to problems, striving for the most economic resolve.


    We are a company that is built upon its roots, where we hold the same missions and values as the generations before us, in order to carry on the legacy of family, dedication, and passion within our company.

    The company was founded upon a diverse balance of residential, commercial, private and public work over the years. During those early years, we have structured relationships with developers, business owners, general contractors and property managers as well as with Municipal/Public Agencies, Engineers and Professionals.  Our years of experience and our business relationships allow us to tackle challenging sites, as well as difficult time frames along with changing environments and scopes, while maintaining a safe and organized job site. 

    We firmly believe that the future success of the company lies with maintaining the values and generation wide experience of the past, together with the formulation of solid and successful relationships of the future.